Is Not Wanting to Travel a Relationship Deal Breaker?

I’ll never forget my second date with Dan( not his real name!) He was funny, charming and pretty much checked off every item on any girl’s list until he let one little thing slip. We were sipping on cocktails on the patio on a warm september evening when I asked where he would like to travel? He responded with “I would maybe like to go to a resort.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against resorts, but as a girls who’s travel bucket list is longer than a football field this was just not going to cut it! After some more questions,I quickly realized a resort was the only travel option he had his sights set on. Just like that, my perfect date turned into a dud.

So How Important Is Travel?

For me, wanting to travel is up there with good sense of humor and ambition for things I look for in someone I date. Plus, with my graduation in less than a year, I have my sights set on finding a career and packing my bags every chance I get. Sure, I might want to settle down one day, but for now I’m happiest collecting stamps on my passport.

Is Not Wanting To Travel A Deal Breaker?

For me travel is an essential part of my lifestyle, so the answer is yes! Either your down to hop on a plane, or it’s not going to work out.

Would You Date Someone Who Doesn’t Want To Travel?

Comment below if traveling is or isn’t a deal breaker in your relationships!



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