Travel Stories

Campfires, Casinos, and Keeping It Country

I always loved Ottis Ready’s Song “Sitting At the Dock Of the Bay”, and I couldn’t help but sing it in my head as I dipped my feet in the cool water over looking Black River this past weekend. It was the perfect escape from the busy Toronto summer and I was happy to catch up with family and relax into the serene landscape. Like any good family vacation it was filled with long car rides, unexpected expeditions and a swarm of mostiquo bites that lasted way longer than the trip. That being said I wouldn’t change a moment of it!

Car Problems And Coffee Shops

Our Saturday morning plans got derailed after the change oil light went on in our rental car. Since we were driving quite a distance and liable for any damages, we skipped breakfast at the Mariposa to avoid any future disasters. What seemed like a pesky detour turned into a great chance to catch up on some much needed mother daughter time. We laughed as we sipped on Tim Hortons coffee as we shared the stories that are best told in person. My mother even won a free donut for Canada’s 150 roll up the rim special!

Feeling Lucky

Our hotel was stationed across from Casino Rama and had a white limoscene that drove guests across every twelve mintues. Wanting to try our luck my brother and I headed over in style sprawling out on the luxurious leather seats. I’ve been lucky in the past at the penny slots and we headed over to the bright machines to try our luck. Depsite some minor ups and downs, I walked out with 40 dollars more than what I came with! Guess I was lucky after all.


Keeping It Country

A country weekend wouldn’t be complete with a campfire, or a canoe ride. Luckily we had both! After paddling down the river we stopped on a little island for a swim. Big enough to hold a picnic table and a couple of canoes, we couldn’t resist swinging from the rope into the cool waters below. The strong current would sweap us around where we would climb back up only to jump into the waters again.

The Perfect End To A Weekend Away

We finally made it to the Mariposa Market for a decadant lunch before we headed home. The shop combined rustic charm with quality products. I went for the turkey wrap and was surprised to discover the taste of cranberries. It was amazing how they could capture the the taste of Thanksgiving into a mouthwatering wrap. I couldn’t help trying one of their delectable donuts before hitting the road. It was the perfect ending to a great weekend away with the family.



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